The Outdoor Advertiser

Volume II, Issue IV - January 2011

MoDOT Director Notes Top 10 Signs of Progress in 2010
Looking back on 2010, MoDOT's new director says the agency made strong progress in improving the state's highway system.  Those improvements, says Kevin Keith, contribute to the state's continuing drop in highway deaths, which leads Keith's top 10 signs of progress in 2010.
10 Signs of Progress in 2010
Missouri State Capitol
Proposed Legislation Relating to Outdoor Advertising

Senate Bill 77 Introduced by Senator Stouffer - Expands the types of directional signs which may be erected and maintained to include signs pertaining to cultural (including agricultural activities or attractions), scientific, educational, and religious sites.


Senate Bill 120 & House Bill 228 Introduced by Senator Stouffer and Representative Schoeller - Imposes various billboard standards to billboards during periods of construction, and creates a new classification of conforming out of standard.


Commission Rescinds Policy Restricting Outdoor Advertising on Excess Conveyances

During the January 12, 2011, Commission meeting, MHTC Commissioner's rescinded the policy restricting outdoor advertising on excess conveyances.  To view available properties, visit MoDOT's Realty to Roads website.  To receive notifications regarding available properties follow Realty to Roads on Facebook or e-mail Carie Stark at MoDOT.


Realty to Roads

Permit Owner Responsibilities
Permit Owner Responsibilities Brochure

Permit Owner Responsibilities - A new brochure is available highlighting permit owner responsibilities.  This brochure covers sign construction, billing, nonconforming status, cutout and extensions, maintenance, vegetation, transfer process, and address changes.


Revised Applications

MoDOT has revised the Application for Permit to Erect And/Or Maintain Outdoor Advertising, Application for Transfer of Outdoor Advertising Permit, and Application for Outdoor Advertising Vegetation Permit. The updated applications are available in both standard and form fill versions on our website or by contacting a Permit Specialist. Please ensure you are using the new applications revised 09/10.


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