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MoDOT News Release 

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August 24, 2009 12:00 AM
New State Highway Map Available

JEFFERSON CITY - The latest edition of one of the state's most popular publications, the state highway map, is hot off the press and available to the public at no charge.  You can visit this page to order your map today: Request A Map

            The 2010-2012 map shows the addition of about 90 miles of four-lane highway to the state's system. The recently opened Avenue of the Saints corridor, a 550-mile four-lane highway connecting St. Paul, Minn. and St. Louis, Mo., is another new addition to the map.  An  aerial view of a refurbished stretch of Interstate 44 west of Ft. Leonard Wood graces the map's cover. 

"The photo tells the story of the improving condition of Missouri's highways," MoDOT Director Pete Rahn said.  "I used to hear from people that they could tell when they entered Missouri because the roads were so bad.  Now I hear that they know when they enter Missouri because the roads get better."

            In addition to charting Missouri's 33,685-mile highway system, the map notes major rivers, lakes, forests, state parks and historic sites.  It also helps travelers find hospitals, airports, Amtrak stations, and colleges and universities.      

            Other helpful bits of information include easy-to-locate emergency telephone numbers, reminders about some of Missouri's traffic laws and contact information for the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Department of Transportation district offices. 

            "We want to make sure you get where you're going quickly and safely, and the map is one of the tools we provide to make that happen," Rahn said. 

Maps are available at MoDOT offices, highway rest areas, visitor centers, the Missouri Division of Tourism and many other state offices.  Copies can be requested by visiting MoDOT's Web site, http://www.modot.org/, or by calling toll-free 1-888-ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636).  To view a collection of historic maps, visit http://www.modot.org/historicmaps.

Sidebar:  State Map Fun Facts

·        The first Missouri road map, so far as State Highway Commission files reveal, was put out in 1851 by the federal government.  Primary consideration was given to steamboat travel.

·        The first road map put out by the State of Missouri was in 1918.  The map was printed in black and white with no photos.

·        25,000 copies of the 1924 map were printed, and the supply was quickly used up.  That's compared to the five million printed this year.

·        To cover printing costs, the department sold the early maps to any individual, firm or company at cost, then allowed them to resell the maps for 25 cents to "make a fair profit."

·        There are two versions of the 1939 map.  The maps have the same cover, but carry different information on the back.

·        The 1942 and 1944 maps have the same cover.

·        There was no map printed in 1943 because of World War II.

·        The 1966 map caused a bit of a stir because the cover features two women in shorts.

·        A special map was printed in 2004 to commemorate the Lewis and Clark bicentennial.

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