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2006 Archive

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Below, MoDOT has supplied a selection of sound bites, digital photographs, logos, and other electronic information for use by the media. Material may only be used for educational and informational purposes.

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Complete list of MoDOT statewide press releases

For additional information, please contact:
Sally Oxenhandler
MoDOT Community Relations Manager

E-mail: sally.oxenhandler@modot.mo.gov

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Source Photos and Images Related
Press Releases Date
I-40, I-70 in Missouri Among Nation's Most Improved Roads, Truckers Say   Interstate before Smooth Roads Initiative

Interstate after Smooth Roads Initiative

Press Release 12-18-06

Smooth Roads Initiative Completed One Year Ahead of Schedule

Pete Rahn (mp3, 351 kb)

Pete Rahn (mp3, 679 kb)
Gov. Matt Blunt (mp3, 362 kb)


Sign unveiling 1 (6 mb, jpg)

Sign unveiling 2 (5 mb, jpg)
One Year Ahead of Schedule (5 mb, jpg)

Painting the Final Stripe (3 mb, jpg)
Painting the Final Stripe 2 (5 mb, jpg)

SRI Web Page
Fact Sheet
Project List
Press Release 12-08-06
Missourians Recognized for Their Efforts in Highway Safety



    Press Release 11-29-06
Rahn Named Vice President of National Transportation Organization, Communicator of the year  

Pete Rahn (177 kb, jpg)

Pete Rahn (128 kb, jpg)

  Press Release 11-21-06

Pete Rahn - Changing Seat Belt Laws Is Group's Priority

(mp3, 148 kb)

(mp3, 200 kb)

(mp3, 245 kb)

Pete Rahn, MoDOT Director   Arrive Alive Press Release 11-15-06
Don't be a Turkey. Buckle Up This Thanksgiving       Press Release 11-13-06
New Missouri State Highway Map  

News Features of 2007-2008 Highway map

(mp3, 4 mb)

New Map Press Release 11-9-06

Ken Hoierman Public Service Announcement


Ken Hoierman video

(mpeg, 2.3 mb)

Radio spot - broadcast quality (mp3, 5 mb)

  Press Release 11-9-06

Kevin Keith - MoDOT Issues Annual Report to Legislature

(mp3, 180 kb)

(mp3, 426 kb)

(mp3, 636 kb)

Kevin Keith,

MoDOT Chief Engineer

  Accountability Report Press Release 11-6-06

Halloween can become a nightmare if you are involved in a traffic crash.

(mp3, 1.2 mb)

Leanna Depue, highway safety division director for MoDOT   Arrive Alive Press Release 10-18-06

Gov. Matt Blunt - Improving safety, securing economic future

(mp3, 163 kbs)

Pete Rahn - MoDOT To Improve 800 Bridges by 2012

(mp3, 328 kbs)

(mp3, 287kbs)

Gov. Matt Blunt


Pete Rahn, MoDOT Director

Provisional Map (2.58 mb, eps)

Bridge Sign (390 kb, eps) Bridge Logo (184 kb,eps)  Event Photos (2.36 mb, jpg)

Event Photos (2.38 mb, jpg)

Event Photos (2.31 mb, jpg)


Safe & Sound Website Press Release 09-07-06

New Highway Work Zone Law Beginning Aug. 28 – Hit A Worker, $10,000 Fine


Work Zone Sign

(15 kb, jpg)

  Press Release 8-22-2006

Pete Rahn -
MoDoT Selected to Test Hybrid Bucket Trucks

(mp3, 552 kbs)

(mp3, 432 kbs)

Leanne T. Mosby - MoDOT takes leadership role

(mp3, 260 kbs)

Pete Rahn, MoDOT Director

Leanne T. Mosby, DNR Deputy Director of Environmental Quality

MoDOT, International and Altec Partrnership

(46 kb, jpg)

Hybrid Bucket Truck

(229 kb, jpg)

  Press Release 7-24-06

MoDOT Online Map Shows Live Work Zones Across Missouri

(mp3, 1.20 mb)

Matt Hiebert, MoDOT Web Manager   Online Work Zone Locator Map Press Release 6-27-06

Amtrak Between Springfield and St. Louis

(mp3, 2.29 mb)

Brian Weiler, Multimodal Operations Director

PDF of Missouri Rail Passenger Service Current and Proposed

  Press Release 6-14-06
Pete Rahn-Guard Cables Save Lives (mp3, 340 kbs)

Don Hillis-An Important Safety Initiative
(mp3, 360 kbs)

Pete Rahn, MoDOT Director

Don Hillis, MoDOT Director of System Management

I-70 Guard Cable Crash Photo (3.6 mb, tif)   Press Release 6-12-06
Top 10 Work Zones to Look Out For
(mp3, 4.58 mb)
Jeff Briggs, MoDOT Spokesman Map of Top 10 Work Zones
(pdf 1 mb, 1 page)
  Press Release 5-23-06

Interstate Forum
(mp3, 139 kbs)
(mp3, 472 kbs)

Pete Rahn, MoDOT Director


The Interstate System Turns 50

Press Release   5-18-06
Interstate 50th Anniversary (mp3, 500 kbs) Sally Oxenhandler, MoDOT Spokesman     Press Release 5-4-06

Route 66

(mp3, 959 kbs)

Bob Edwards, MoDOT Spokesman

Route 66 Byways Signs

(62 kb, jpg)

  Press Release 5-1-06

Interstate 70 Construction Map

(mp3, 600 kbs)

Kevin Keith, MoDOT Chief Engineer     Press Release 4-13-06
Central District Gets New Assistant District Engineer  

Eric Schroeter

(2 mb, jpg)

  Press Release  

Statewide Construction Map

(mp3, 740 kbs)

Sally Oxenhandler, MoDOT spokesperson PDF of Statewide Map   Press Release 4-1-06

New Airport Directory

(mp3, 1 mb)

Jason Knipp, Airport Safety Inspector   Airport Directory Press Release 3-31-06

No More Trash Bash

(mp3, 1 mb)

Stacy Armstrong, MoDOT Roadside Management Supervisor     Press Release 3-30-06

Express Lane, MoDOT's

(mp3, 1 mb)

Kristi Jamison, Community Relations Coordinators.   Express Lane Press Release 3-27-06

Planning Ahead for Work Zone Awareness Week

(mp3, 1 mb)

Work Zone Maps

(mp3, 780 kbs)


Don Hillis, Director of System Management   Work Zone Advisory and Maps Page Press Release 3-24-06

New Mile Markers

(mp3, 370 kbs)

Don Hillis, Director of System Management

New Mile Marker

Old White Post

Old Mile Marker

  Press Release  3-21-06

Weather-Related Road Conditions Map

(mp3, 954 kbs)

Matt Hiebert, MoDOT Web Manager   On-Line Road Conditions Map Press Release 3-20-06

Smooth Roads Initiative Countdown
(mp3, 128 kbs)

Kevin Keith, Chief Engineer     Press Release 2-27-06


Other Images and Files
MoDOT Logo ( tif, 4mb) Pete Rahn Photo (tif, 6.3 mb)
Kevin Keith Photo (tif, 6 mb)

Roberta Broeker Photo (tif, 6 mb)

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