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Bicycle/Pedestrian Program - General Information 


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A Bicycle/Pedestrian Program has existed within the department since 1991. In July 1993, the program was expanded through the hiring of a full-time program coordinator. The program has been housed within various units within the department. Currently, the program is located in the Long-Range Planning unit.

The purpose of the program is to encourage and coordinate efforts to improve conditions for walking and bicycling within the state. This involves reviewing and recommending bicycle and pedestrian friendly standards for transportation projects. To this end, the program has developed the General Pedestrian and Bicycle Guide that has been approved by department managers and is currently in an implementation phase.

Since much non-motorized transportation occurs off of the state system, the program works with local governments and regional planning agencies to improve access for these modes, while at the same time improving safety. To this end, a Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee was established in the Spring of 1998. The department's program provides support to this committee. The program deals with all 4 Es of bicycle and pedestrian planning: Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Encouragement.

MoDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Policies
MoDOT approved a policy in September 1999 to improve access and safety for bicycling and walking. Currently, this policy is being integrated within various manuals used by the department.

View the Policy Document

MoDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Activities
  • Bicycle access is provided on the Route 36/Interstate 72 bridge in Hannibal. The Missouri and Illinois departments of Transportation agreed to allow bicyclists to cross the Mississippi River on this facility. Signage will be provided to guide bicyclists and to alert motorists.
  • The St. Louis district has developed a number of improvements for walking and bicycling in the region. These include a program to place "Share the Road" signs on selected state routes where bicycling occurs.
  • Bicycle lanes are being provided on a project to improve Route 169 in Smithville.
  • Two separate bumper stickers are available: One encourages motorists to "Share the Road" with bicyclists, the other encourages motorists to yield to pedestrians. (Call Customer Service at 1-888 ASK MODOT or (573) 751-2551 (out of state).
  • Numerous videos are available from the Program. Topics range from child safety videos (both for adults and for children's viewing), adult bicycling, community pedestrian safety programs, and community development policies that encourage these modes. (Call Customer Service at (888) 275-6636 in state, or (573) 751-2551 out of state)
  • The Department's program staff provides assistance to regional bicycle/pedestrian advisory committees in both the St. Louis and Kansas City regions.
  • The Program helped develop and serves as support and technical resource for the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
  • Program staff provides technical support to the agency, local governments and state agencies on bicycle/pedestrian issues related to transportation projects, education and traffic law enforcement programs, and community development issues that impact bicycling/walking.
  • The Program has cosponsored numerous "Walkable Community" events (workshops, "walkability audits", bicycle/pedestrian facility design seminars). (See other additional Bike/Ped Resources)
  • The Program has coordinated training of Pedestrian Safety Road show trainers who are now available to bring this workshop to communities throughout Missouri.
Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
History and Reasons for Establishing MoBPAC
The Show-me Transportation plan, the long range transportation plan for the state, was adopted by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission in 1995. The chapter of that plan devoted to pedestrians and bicyclists suggested the development of a committee to address statewide bicycle and pedestrian issues. After discussions with representatives of various state agencies and other organizations, consensus was reached on the need for such a committee. The committee was approved by Commission in March 1998.
Who We Are, What we Do and How to Contact Us
The MoBPAC is comprised of between 21 and 30 members coming about equally from three areas: state government representatives, local government representatives and non-government members. The committee meets quarterly, generally in Jefferson City. To work on projects between meetings, the following subcommittees have been formed: Planning/Design/Physical Environment, Promotion and Public Information, Legislation/Funding and Safety/Education/Enforcement.

The committee can be reached by writing:

Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
P.O. Box 270
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

Minutes of MoBPAC Meetings
03/05/2001 (21kb, 8 pages)
09/18/2000 (19kb, 8 pages)
06/05/2000 (27kb, 12 pages)
03/06/2000 (19kb, 9 pages)
11/15/1999 (19kb, 6 pages)
Missouri Bicycle Touring Information
For information on the Katy Trail, contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, moparks@dnr.mo.gov, or phone 800-334-6946 and follow directions to speak directly with an operator.

For general tourism information, contact the Missouri Division of Tourism at (800) 877-1234, or http://www.visitmo.com.

Additional Bicycle/Pedestrian Resources

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