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For more information, please contact MoDOT's Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-888-ASK-MODOT (1-888-275-6636).

April 30, 2017 11:06 AM
Flooded Roads in Southeast Missouri
Update April 30 at 10 a.m.

SIKESTON – The Missouri Department of Transportation has closed several state routes in Southeast Missouri due to the recent flooding.

In addition, motorists are encouraged to watch for flash flooding. This could cause water to quickly rise in areas that were previously safe. MoDOT crews will continually monitor state routes, but motorists are also urged to stop and turn around if they discover a roadway has high water.  

Routes that are closed include:

Bollinger County:

  • Route DD-near Route 34 to 5 miles south of Route M (the near Bollinger/Madison County line)
  • Route H-north of Route 51
  • Route 34-near Route 51 at Marble Hill, Mo.
  • Route 51-near Route H

Butler County:

  • Route 158-from Route 142 to US 67
  • Route 142-from Route HH to US 67
  • Route N-CRD 243 to CRD 232
  • Route PP-at Cane Creek; CRD 449 to CRD 423/Route TT
  • Route W-CRD 542 to Route O; near Hilliard
  • Route M-at Cane Creek; west of US 67

Cape Girardeau County:

  • Route OO-from Route HH to south of CRD 382
  • Route A-from CRD 255 to Route U
  • Route N-from Route U to Route NN

Carter County:

  • Business 60-at Van Buren; near James Street
  • Route 103-from Skyline Drive to Route Z
  • Route Z-from Route 103 to end of state maintenance
  • Route M-at Mill Creek
  • Route Y
  • Route H-at Big Brushy Creek between CRD 339 to CRD 327
  • Route K-between CRD 263 and CRD 239-2

Douglas County:

  • Route 76-at Fox Creek near Route 95 to east of Route C and from Route EE to Route 95
  • Route EE-at North Fork River; near Route AD
  • Route FF-at Hunter Creek; near Route 14
  • Route U-at Bryant Creek; south of Olathia
  • Route Y-at Cowskin Creek; approximately 3.5 miles after Route 76
  • Route 14-at Bryant Creek between CRD 14-223 and CRD 14-331
  • Route C-between CRD C-128 to just past the Wright/Douglas County line

Dunklin County:

  • Route 164-from Route V to Route Y
  • Route B-near Campbell Mo; from Bailey Street to CRD 314

Howell County:

  • Route 142-Route E to Route FF
  • Route UU-from Route 63 to east of CRD 2150
  • Route U-from Route UU to Route N
  • Route 63-from West Plains to south of Willow Springs, Mo.
  • Route 17-from Mountain View to Route 160
  • Route N-Northwest of Mountain Grove; between Shady Oak Road and Peterson Road

Iron County:

  • Route 21-near Route 49
  • Route 221-Low Water Crossing-Pilot Knob to the Iron/St. Francois County line-LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY
  • Route 49-near Sabula; north of Annapolis and at Viburnum, near Red Bud
  • Route C-east of Route 49 to west of CRD 424 in Madison County
  • Route D
  • Route F-at Crane Pond Creek
  • Route 143-Route 34 in Wayne County to Route 49 in Iron County

Madison County:

  • Route C-east of Route 49 in Iron County to west of CRD 424 in Madison County and from CRD 445 to CRD 431
  • Route E-CRD 511 to CRD 515
  • Route O
  • Route V-CRD 243 to east of Route F
  • Route A-west of Marquand, Mo.
  • Route DD-from CRD 324 to CRD 322
  • Route F-south of Cornwall; at Route V
  • Route M- west of Marquand, Mo.
  • Route Z-at Fredericktown, Mo. between Chamber Drive and Cap America Drive

Oregon County:

  • Route 99-at Eleven Point River at Thomasville, Mo.
  • Route 142-from CRD 243 to CRD 280; west of Calm/Route UU
  • Route 19-at Eleven Point River north of Greer and north of Thayer at Warm Fork and at Hurricane Creek at the Shannon/Oregon County line
  • Route A-at Frederick Creek; between CRD 212 and CRD 203
  • Route M-near Elliot Ford; between CRD 347 and CRD 349 and at Route DD at Rover
  • Route Y-at Frederick Creek; between CRD 237 and CRD 242
  • Route 160-east of Route Y at Riverton

Ozark County:

  • Route 181-at Bryant Creek at Sycamore
  • Route 95-at Bryant Creek; between CRD 164 and CRD 156 and at Spring Creek; between CRD 136 and CRD 138
  • Route T-between CRD 518 and CRD 527
  • Route H-from CRD 352 to CRD 346
  • Route 160-at Route 95, Lutie, Mo. and at Norfolk Lake at Tecumseh
  • Route JJ-from CRD 920 to CRD 916 at Thornfield, Mo.
  • Route CC-at North Fork River
  • Route J-Lick Creek; north of Howards Ridge
  • Route PP-North Fork River; near Route 160

Perry County:

  • Route 61-from CRD 506 to CRD 502
  • Route E-from CRD 534 to CRD 322
  • Route F
  • Route M
  • Route AA-between CRD 508/510 and CRD 522

Reynolds County:

  • Route 106-Logan Creek; CRD 608 to Route B and CRD 606 to near Route F
  • Route F-at Logan Creek
  • Route K-east of Route O to west of CRD 440
  • Route N-near Route MM; near Johnson Shut-Ins
  • Route B-CRD 786 to CRD 785
  • Route P-Route 72 to end of state maintenance in Shannon County

Ripley County:

  • Route 142-near Route T
  • Route NN-near North Prong Little Black River

Scott County:

  • Route A-Route 61 to Route EE

Shannon County:

  • Route H- Route 106 to Winona, Mo.
  • Route KK-Piatt Road to Route K at Akers
  • Route W
  • Route NN
  • Route P
  • Route 19-from CRD 324 to 19B; north of Round Spring and at Hurricane Creek at the Shannon/Oregon County line
  • Route F
  • Route 106-East of Eminence, Mo. and at Spring Valley Creek
  • Route MM-Route 99 to CRD 651
  • Route T-at Spring Creek
  • Route TT-Low Water Crossing located east of TT-683
  • Route 99-at Spring Creek; north of Route MM

St. Francois County:

  • Route 221-at St. Francis River from Beal Road to Old Logging Road
  • Route F-near OO; from Old Jackson Road to Best Road

Ste. Genevieve County:

  • Route 61-Saline Creek/River Aux Vases; near Route U at St. Mary to 2.12 miles south of Route M
  • Route 32-from Gisi Road to Siebert Road
  • Route C-near Sprott Road

Stoddard County:

  • Route K-from Route BB to Route V
  • Route M-at Leora; near Route K
  • Route T-from Route 51 to Cobb

Texas County:

  • Route BB-at Boiling Spring Access/Big Piney River
  • Route M-near Roubidoux Creek
  • Route U-near South Prong Jack’s Fork
  • Route 32-from Hillcrest Road to Mason Drive
  • Route 17-from Ridge Road to Lily Road; near Route 63 at Houston, Mo.

Wayne County:

  • Route C-CRD 224A to Route 34
  • Route 143-Route 34 in Wayne County to Route 49 in Iron County
  • Route FF-CRD 378 to CRD 380
  • Route KK-south of CRD 456
  • Route 34-at St. Francis River Bridge; from 143 to CRD 310 (west of US 67)
  • Route A-at Otter Creek; near Route V
  • Business 67-from Route D to US 67; near Greenville, Mo.

Wright County:

  • Route AB-Wolf Creek; near Adamson Road
  • Route E-Gasconade River; from Robinette Drive to north of Broyles Road
  • Route Z-Elk Creek-between Emmerson Road and Clayton Road
  • Route M-at Parks Creek; between Orchard Road and Hunters Creek Road
  • Route N-between Shady Oak Road and Peterson Drive
  • Route C-between CRD C-128 to just past the Wright/Douglas County line

Motorists are encouraged to use extreme caution and plan alternate routes.

MoDOT also offers the following driving tips that can help avoid delays and unsafe conditions during rainy weather:

  • Turn on your headlights when windshield wipers are needed. It's the law.
  • Slow down, use caution, and don't use cruise control when driving in rain to avoid skidding and hydroplaning.
  • Leave plenty of following distance behind the vehicle in front of yours.
  • Never move or drive around barricades placed on roadways due to high water. Barricades are a warning designed to protect you from an unsafe condition. You can put yourself at serious risk if you proceed into a flooded section of road.
  • If a road is closed, find another route.
  • Do NOT drive into high water. Stop and turn around. Notify local police, the sheriff or the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
  • "Turn Around - Don't Drown" as highways become impassable.

For more information, please contact MoDOT's Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-888-ASK-MODOT (1-888-275-6636) or visit the Traveler Information Map at: http://traveler.modot.org/map/?district=SOUTHEAST.




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